Instantaneous couplings are used for connecting hoses together. They can be supplied in various materials and with various hose tail sizes depending the diameter of hose being used. Due to the sealing mechanism they are suitable for pressurised systems only and are fitted such that the flow of waterInstantaneous light alloy couplings is from the female half to the male half.

The two halves snap together instantaneously and are held in position by two diametrically opposed spring operated plungers in the female half which engage with an annular lip on the male half. Both plungers must be retracted to split the coupling.

2015-02-27 14.47.50Hoses are fitted to coupling halves by sliding them over the coupling tails and clamping them by means of external clips or wire. The tails may be either multi-serrated for wire fixing only or double ribbed to suit either clips or wire. We at H. Roberts have the facilities to wire in the fire hose couplings as seen in the photograph.Male instantaneous light alloy adaptors

We also supply various instantaneous adaptors in either light alloy or gunmetal to female or male BSP thread. We carry a large amount in stock but can get additional stock in very quickly if required.

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