Fixed manual fire hose reel
Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reels

55 Series:


Macron’s range of hose reels combine high performance and a rugged space saving design. Manufactured without compromise the 55 Series is renowned for its quality and long-termreliability derived from cutting edge technology and world-class production.55 Series hose reels are available in manual or automatic versions. Manual versions are fitted with a ball or a gate valve. The automatic format actuates as the reel is rotated removing the need for the user to turn on the water supply – an important safety consideration. All models are available with 19mm or 25mm bore hoses.The range includes fixed and swinging variants. Swinging hose reels are available in right and left hand formats suitable for surface or recess mounting. 55 Series hose reels are manufactured to BS EN 671-1:2001and carry the CE mark through BSI notified body number 0086.

Fire hose reel
Fixed Manual Fire Hose Reel


  • Wide range of sizes and capacities
  • Easy ‘hose-on’ installation and maintenance
  • Automatic or manual versions
  • Bronze axles and nylon bearings for long life and dependability
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Fixed reels available with flexible inlet piping
  • Optional floor pedestals
  • Offshore manual versions
  • CE marked

Approval to BS EN 671-1:2001

Macron hose reels carry the CE mark,issued by BSI notified body number 0086.Macron hose reels are

Hose reel cabint
Fire hose reel and cabinet

manufactured to BS EN 671-1:2001. In accordance with BS EN 671-1:2001, the latest European Standard that supersedes BSEN 671-1:1995, the maximum length of tubing that can be fitted to a reel is 30m of either 19mm or 25mm bore hose. Longer lengths of tubing can be supplied on request.


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