Need Dry Riser Testing in Warrington?

Dry Riser Testing in WarringtonRegular dry riser testing in Warrington, is a must. Most building owners ignore this aspect of maintenance, until a fire emergency occurs which is when they realise that something is wrong with their dry riser system. At H. Roberts & Co. Ltd., they often receive enquiries from customers about what a dry riser is, why is it necessary to test it on a regular basis, and what is entailed in its maintenance?

Roberts & Co. Ltd. is an expert when it comes to Warrington dry riser testing. According to their technicians, a dry riser system is a network of pipe work and valves which enables the Fire Department to flush water onto higher floors in a building. A dry riser helps firemen distribute the water over multiple levels in case of a fire. Just as you would do regular checks with alarms, sprinklers and smoke detectors, dry risers require the same kind of safety checks. After a few incidences of failed dry riser systems occurred in the UK, legislation was introduced that made it mandatory to test dry risers at least once per annum. This will ensure that dry risers are maintained on a regular basis. Dry riser maintenance includes several aspects. First, a comprehensive check is conducted to ascertain the general condition of the system. A re-test may be conducted if the system test fails. A pressurized operating-test may be conducted. Then all nuts, outlets, inlets and end wheels are checked to make sure they are intact and working properly. Sometimes replacement caps, chains, locks and straps may be required. Having correct signage in the right place is also a requirement.

If you are a landlord and require dry riser testing in Warrington, then give H. Roberts & Co. Ltd. a call today. Apart from dry riser maintenance, they also conduct emergency lighting, fire extinguisher, and fire alarm maintenance. They also provide fire training services.