Fire Extinguisher Service in Merseyside

Fire Extinguisher Service in MerseysideFire extinguisher service in Merseyside is one of many needed safety maintenance projects for most facilities. H. Roberts & Co Ltd. believes it is the most important and they feel strongly that they are the company for the job. The company has been in business since 1907. It is hard to argue with that kind of success. In order to achieve such longevity they provided excellent products and service at fair prices from the beginning. That formula seemed to work for them so they stayed with it and continue to do so, right up to the present.

Like anywhere else, it is easy to put off tasks like Merseyside fire extinguisher service. We rarely use the fire extinguisher so we do not tend to think about it. The concern is the extinguisher will not work when you really do need it. The solution to that problem is regular scheduled maintenance. H. Roberts & Co will set up a maintenance schedule that suits your particular needs. Even if they did not supply the extinguishers, they will perform regular maintenance on any brand. They will refill them, pressure test them and issue a certificate of inspection. Of course, you may purchase and have them installed as well as other fire safety equipment.

Fire extinguisher service in Merseyside will be one thing permanently checked off your “to do” list when you contract with H. Roberts & Co. The company is CRB and BAFE certified. As a fire prevention maintenance provider, they are subject to audit. Their engineers are certified by the British Standards Approved Examinations.As fully trained engineers, they can offer training to you and your employees. It is good safety procedure to expect that any employee is knowledgeable in the use of a fire extinguisher. If they lack a working knowledge of fire extinguishers, send them over to H. Roberts & Co so they can learn and be prepared to use one in the event of emergency. Fire safety is not just dependant on maintained fire extinguishers. It is also dependent on people that know how to use them.