Landlord Fire Risk Assessment in Liverpool

Landlord Fire Risk Assessment in LiverpoolThe Housing Act of 2004 and the Fire Safety Order of 2005 mandate landlord fire risk assessment in Liverpool. It is an obligation to be taken seriously and by following the national guidance, you may be sure to comply with regulations. Let the experts at H. Roberts & Co Ltd help you encourage your tenants to adopt fire safe behaviours, in order to generate awareness and improve the overall safety of your premises. There are five steps to be taken. Briefly, they are as follows. Identify fire hazards. Identify people at risk. Evaluate, reduce and protect against risk. Record, plan, inform and train. Review.

In Liverpool, landlord fire risk assessment begins with evaluating sources of fire, including ignition, fuel and oxygen. Combustibles, like stacks of newspaper or cleaning fluids, stored near a heat source are a fire waiting to happen. Instructing occupants in the careful storage of flammables is a good first step. Precautions go a long way to prevent fire, but accidents can happen. So, discuss an emergency evacuation plan and individual escape routes to use in the event of an actual fire. Hallways and stairwells should be free of debris and lit by emergency lighting. Be certain to consider those with physical and mental challenges that impair rapid mobility. Remove hazards where possible, like portable heaters and recommend safer alternatives. Keep a log of findings in order to follow up and stay abreast of the removal of hazards.

Landlord fire risk assessment in Liverpool is essential to maximise the safety of residents and employees. Fires are swift and unforgiving and precautionary measures are our best defense against loss of life and destruction of property. Make sure all smoke detectors are fully functioning and that fire doors remain closed at all times. Plan a regular fire safety review and be alert for new hazards that may pose a threat to safety. Remind everyone to be vigilant with cigarettes and cookers. Safety can’t wait! Together, let’s conduct a complete assessment to ensure safety and compliance.