Fire Extinguishers in Merseyside

fire extinguishers in MerseysideFires destroy many homes and businesses, sometimes taking lives, and fire extinguishers in Merseyside are part of a fire prevention and preparedness programme. Fire extinguishers are effectively used in response to a fire, helping people to take evacuation steps towards safety. A fire prevention plan provides companies with a guide and information on things such as how to identify combustible materials and what could be a potential fire hazard. H. Roberts and Son are based in Liverpool and have been in operation since 1907, one of the longest established fire protection companies in the UK. While fire protection is their main business they also offer other valuable services such as recharging and refurbishing services for gas inflation cylinders.

In Merseyside, fire extinguishers have to be compliant with regulations. Employers are required to provide portable fire extinguishing equipment in the workplace. This fire fighting equipment needs to come from a reliable source, and H. Roberts and Son are a BAFE and BFC approved company. This means they are a British Approval for Fire Equipment Company as well as being a British Fire Consortium company. Any business can rest assured that with H. Roberts and Son they have the very best fire protection company ensuring that they know exactly what to do in a fire. The fact that H. Roberts are audited by NQA Assessors means that their standards are consistently high.

Fire extinguishers in Merseyside are always up and running, and this is because H. Roberts and Son have service engineers who are fully trained. Each engineer has certificates which prove they have successfully passed the British Standard Approved Examinations in the Contract Maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. With so much professionalism from this leading fire protection company, why don’t you call them to find out about their superb Fire Safety Training. The training equips people to know how to handle fire extinguishers correctly and be better prepared for any size and type of fire. For more information regarding fire extinguishers, contact H. Roberts and Son.