Dry Riser Testing in Wirral

Dry Testing in WirralIf you are a responsible building owner or manager seeking dry riser testing in Wirral then you are likely familiar with H. Roberts & Son LTD. The company has been in operation over one hundred years and counting. Their company is in the fire safety business. They supply, test and maintain fire safety equipment to clients large and small. They take their business, your fire safety, seriously. Staffed by highly trained engineers, this multiple award winning company can complete a survey of your premises with recommendations for placement of fire safety equipment. H. Roberts & Son LTD. offers and encourages clients to participate in classes they offer in the use of fire safety equipment. Scheduled follow up dry testing of equipment is an especially important service.

Building owners and managers with installed Wirral dry riser testing and fire prevention equipment should know that the British Government has a set of standards for annual servicing and testing. When you contract with H. Roberts & Son to test and maintain your equipment, you are assured those standards are met and likely surpassed. Fire protection systems in public buildings are particularly vulnerable to vandalism and carelessness that may cause a failure in protection. Nobody wants the devastation caused by fire in a public building, especially when the fire protection system was in place but failed. Neglect of maintenance and dry testing of fire protection systems is not worth the risk.

You may think you are saving money by not dry riser testing in Wirral. Imagine the cost of a fire on the premises. Imagine the loss and liability. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose when you fail to have fire safety equipment in top operational condition. H. Roberts & Sons LTD will provide the finest equipment and service for the safety of those to whom you are responsible. Contract with them for system installation followed by yearly dry testing to flush out the system, keeping it free from debris and then charged to the proper pressure. Trust the professionals at H. Roberts & Sons LTD to do the job right at a cost that is competitive.