Effective Dry Riser Testing in Southport

Effective Dry Riser Testing in SouthportAre you in search of a fire protection service that offers dry riser testing in Southport? Because no one knows when a building is going to experience a fire outbreak, owners (or managers) of buildings are responsible for ensuring their building is protected against fire outbreak. Appealing to customers/clients/tenants can come with the installation of a comprehensive fire protection system, like the dry riser. Dry risers need to be visually inspected every six months and fully tested to the highest safety standards annually. When the dry riser is fully inspected, it is important that it is tested to 10-Bar pressure for fifteen (15) minutes – other smaller testing appliances will not be able to achieve this.

In Southport, dry riser testing services is offered by H. Roberts & Son Ltd to a number of clients within the locality as well as all other parts of the UK. The crews at this fire protection company are well trained and highly skilled. Upon completion of the dry riser testing, you will be provided with a full report and a certificate of certification – that is, if the dry riser passes the test. Aside from dry riser testing, H. Roberts & Son also provides other services as well, such as Cylinder Refilling, Hydraulic Testing, Installation of Fire Alarms and more. The risk of having a fire is not a thought that comes to mind each day. It is a detail that often times gets lost amongst the day-to-day rigours of accomplishing set tasks. Trusting a reputable fire protection company like H. Roberts & Son Ltd with the installation of fire safety systems, inspection and testing is the best way to protect your property from the damaging effect of fires.

Dry riser testing in Southport should only be carried out by a reputable fire protection service like H. Roberts & Son Ltd. Part of the test carried out by this company will ensure that there are no leaks or fractures in the pipe work and that every valve that isn’t in use remains watertight and charged. H. Roberts & Son Ltd has been in business since 1907; this company is also BAFE registered and provides only top notch installation and maintenance services for smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire alarms, fire safety signs, emergency lighting systems and risk assessments. Protecting your property from fire is only a phone call away.