Dry Riser Testing in Birkenhead

dry riser testing in BirkenheadRegular dry riser testing in Birkenhead is a must when it comes to fire prevention. In buildings, these are often neglected by careless landlords. Dry risers are an essential part in a fire. When they fail to work properly during a real fire, not only will the tenants face the consequences but so will everyone who is engaged in putting out the fire.

In Birkenhead, H. Roberts & Co. Ltd is frequently asked about dry riser testing. Many people send them enquiries about what is a dry riser and why is it important to get them tested on a regular basis. A dry riser is part of a system of pipe work and valves which lets the Fire Service pump water out to upper floors in a building. These are installed by trained fire-fighting personnel and kept dry. These risers can be filled with water. Buildings that are older than 18 years, dry risers can be found above ground level. Unfortunately, dry risers are very prone to vandalism and neglect. If a fire-risk assessment deems that you may require Fire Services, then it is your responsibility to ensure that all hydrants and risers are efficient. Landlords can face server penalties if they fail to rectify any issues with their dry risers. At H. Roberts & Co. Ltd., they understand how crucial it is to have dry risers pressure-tested and inspected on a regular basis. In fact, they recommend that a complete visual check should be conducted every 6th month, and a full inspection should be carried out every year. In case of fire, the rise will be immediately pressurised to ten bar, so it is vital that all landing valves, washers, and inlets are in working order. Staff at H. Roberts & Co Ltd. also recommends that dry riser maintenance should only be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.

If you suspect that your building is due for dry riser testing in Birkenhead, then give H. Roberts & Co. Ltd. a call.