Going About Dry Riser Testing In Manchester

Dry Riser Testing In ManchesterIf you are thinking about getting some dry riser testing done in Manchester, you need to bring in someone who is competent, qualified and capable of handling such tasks. In the ideal world, we would never have to worry about any kind of vandalism or corrosion with our dry riser systems but the fact is, if left alone, these systems have a tendency to fall into disarray and require a regular maintenance and testing schedule to make sure everything’s running perfectly! They are an absolutely essential component in creating a safe and secure home or workplace, when it comes to fires, and without a dry riser that works when you need it to, you would be putting your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues in danger.

In Manchester, dry riser testing is required in all buildings that contain these systems to deliver water to outlets placed on each floor of the building. The external inlet valve is usually placed at ground level, which allows firemen to connect their hose or water supply directly to the entire system. Once connected, water starts flowing through the entire system and reaches all the floors, all the way to the top. If there is any form of blockage or jam at any one of the many outlets on a floor or somewhere along the riser, it is a major cause of concern for the entire building.

Dry riser testing, in Manchester and all over the UK, is a mandatory process that needs to happen in, at least, a visual test for breakages, leaks or damage every six months. Every twelve months, buildings need to test their system at full pressure, to ensure that every single inlet and outlet performs without any hiccoughs. The entire system has to be flushed out first, before being held at operating pressure for fifteen minutes. This procedure has to be carried out by a trained professional and at H. Roberts & Co. we ensure that only the most highly qualified and trained personnel come around to your homes and workplaces to tend to your dry riser testing needs. So the next time you require someone to perform a test on your dry riser system, give us a call!