Should we be keeping fire extinguishers in cars and other vehicles?

The number of car fires is ever on the rise. Specifically, the number of intentional fires has increased by 200% since 1989.


Fire extinguishers, when operated by properly trained individuals, can save lives. Since cars, lorries and other vehicles are susceptible to overheating; should we be keeping fire extinguishers in cars and other vehicles? To put it simply, yes we should.

Keep a fire extinguisher in your car
If a small fire does break out, you may be able to fight it. You’ll need to invest in an ABC dry powder extinguisher, the only one that can safely fight all of the potential fires in your car. If there’s a fire beneath your bonnet, do not attempt to open it – you could burn your hand and fuel the fire. Instead, aim the extinguisher at the grilles in your bonnet, or under the edge of the bonnet (after releasing it).

2.0kg dry powder firepower fire extinguisher
2.0kg powder fire extinguisher


It is considered good practice to carry a fire extinguisher & other safety equipment. The recommended fire extinguisher is a multi-purpose dry powder type for the inflammability classes* A, B and C, with a minimum capacity of 2kg (or an equivalent capacity for any other suitable extinguishing agent) suitable for fighting a fire in the engine or cab of the vehicle.

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