How to use a foam type fire extinguisher

BS EN3 approved foam fire extinguishers for flammable liquid fires

FOAM EXTINGUISHERS: Suitable for most fire involving flammable liquids apart from cooking oil fires.

METHOD: Where the liquid on fire is in a container, direct the foam at the inside edge of the container and just above the surface of the liquid. This allows the foam to build up and flow across the surface of the liquid smothering the fire. The foam lying on the surface also prevents re-ignition. If this isn’t possible then stand well back, direct the jet with a gentle sweeping motion allowing the foam to drop down and lie on the surface of the flammable liquid.
Do not aim the jet directly into the flammable liquid as this will blast the fire onto surrounding area. The idea is for the foam to lie on the surface of the liquid to smother and prevent re-ignition.

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