Information About Water Fire Extinguishers in Merseyside

Water Fire Extinguishers in MerseysideDo you need to learn more about water fire extinguishers in Merseyside? There are many different types of fire extinguishers. It is imperative that you learn about them, including their colour coding, and understand which extinguisher is suitable for tackling certain types of fires. Every building should include a fire extinguisher or other fire safety equipment. In the case of a fire, they can be vital when it comes to tackling or preventing a fire. For businesses, fire safety is hugely important. Adequate members of staff must be assigned as fire wardens or similar. They should be trained in fire safety and be able to provide guidance to others when required. Using the incorrect type of extinguisher on a certain fire could potentially increase the danger and severity of the fire itself.

In Merseyside, water fire extinguishers are one of the most common pieces of fire safety equipment. They can be found in most homes and businesses but they are only suitable for tackling certain types of fires. A fire will start if there are three elements. If there is the presence of fuel, heat and oxygen, there is certainly the potential for a fire to start. When it comes to classifying the different types of extinguishers, the most important aspect to understand is what is fueling the fire. Certain fuels require different extinguishers to tackle the fire. In relation to water fire extinguishers, they are classed as being suitable to tackle Class A fires. These are fires that use fuel such as paper, plastics or wood. Anything that you class as a solid can be tackled by a water fire extinguisher.

However, water fire extinguishers in Merseyside are not suitable for other types of fires. They can actually increase the danger due to spreading the flammable fuel across a larger area. A good example of this is dealing with fires resulting from the ignition of liquids such as petrol or oil. In addition to this, they should never be used to tackle electrical fires. For more information relating to water fire extinguishers, contact H Roberts & Son Ltd.