Safe and Reliable Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Cheshire

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in CheshireFire extinguisher servicing in Cheshire begins with H. Roberts & Son. The company has been in the fire extinguishing business for over one hundred years. That will give you some idea of how readily they adapt new technologies and continually move forward. One of the most important services available with H. Roberts & Sons is fire safety training. They can sell the fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarms, hoses and fire blankets to you but if you do not know how to operate that equipment there is little benefit.  Since the company is centrally located, their professional instructors are available to clients throughout the UK.

In Cheshire, fire extinguisher servicing is important if you live or work in buildings more than 18m because you have a dry riser system with valves on every floor. In the event of a fire, water is delivered to fire hoses with those outlet valves. You can understand why regular inspection by H. Roberts & Son of those dry risers is critical to life and property.  In fact, as a building owner, you will want proof readily available that your fire systems meet the standards for design, installation and maintenance. As a BAFE registered company H. Roberts & Son can issue safety certifications on the systems they work on.

Fire extinguisher servicing in Cheshire is done by H. Roberts & Son, the right company to call on for doing site surveys and designs to any specifications. Their engineers are among the best in the business.  As with all safety systems, maintenance is key. They offer maintenance contracts suitable to almost any situation. With a 24-hour call out service, you can count on them for service anywhere in the UK. Having the right fire extinguishing equipment is important and the company can supply everything from water filled extinguishers to fire hoses. Alarms and signage correctly placed is necessary for safety. Having all of that in place is important, yet does no good if the equipment fails because of neglect. Count on H. Robert & Son to bring the finest service to three critical safety areas:  fire extinguishing products, maintenance and training. If you require a reliable fire extinguishing service, contact H.Roberts & Son.