Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Cheshire is Important

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Cheshire It is essential to seek out fire extinguisher servicing in Cheshire if you have a fire extinguisher at home or in the office on a regular basis. Having a functional fire extinguisher is crucial in the prevention and management of fire. Even after you call the emergency services, a fire extinguisher can go a long way in containing and even putting out a fire. Imagine a fire does break out in your home or office, and your fire extinguisher does not function properly. To avoid such a tragedy, you need to seek out reliable fire extinguisher servicing.

In Cheshire, fire extinguisher servicing is being offered by H. Roberts & Son who have been a leader in fire protection since 1907. According to these experts, proper maintenance of your fire extinguisher entails a few necessary steps. Firstly, the fire extinguisher must be in an accessible location. It also needs to be set up correctly and made readily accessible. There should be nothing obstructing access to the fire extinguisher, especially the hose. Next, the fire extinguisher must be charged and ready to be used at a moment’s notice. You can check the pressure dial to make sure that it is charged. Next, you should verify that the pull-pin is secured correctly within the handle and is held by the tamper-proof seal. Closely examine your fire extinguisher for rust, dents and cracks. If you notice rust on the shaft, then it might hinder the performance of the fire extinguisher. The instruction label must be clearly visible in case of a real emergency. Lastly, ensure that no modifications were done to the fire extinguisher that could affect its performance level.

Reliable fire extinguisher servicing in Cheshire is of utmost importance. If you fail to maintain your fire extinguisher, it may be useless in a real fire, or worse, the canister might explode. The experts at H. Roberts & Son recommend that every fire extinguisher should be serviced on a monthly basis. If you have a fire extinguisher and require reliable fire extinguisher servicing, then contact H. Roberts & Son today