Fire Blankets in Newcastle, a Necessary Part of Your Fire Safety Equipment

fire blankets in NewcastleWe believe fire blankets in Newcastle should be included in your fire prevention equipment at home and on the job. Along with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, fire blankets can save lives and property. They are usually made from fibreglass woven into fabric and contain a fire retardant inner layer. We suggest you keep one wherever you would also keep a fire extinguisher. In the home, kitchen fires are the most common cause of house fires. They are usually small and easily extinguished if you have the tools on hand. If you have not had your fire extinguishers tested in years, when you need them most, they may not work. A fire blanket will always work, is easily used by anyone and very effective against a small fire.

You can prevent a small fire from spreading by quickly opening the fire blanket and placing it directly over the fire. In Newcastle, fire blankets work by blocking oxygen thereby suffocating the fire. Another reason to make the fire blanket standard safety equipment in your home and workplace is for personal protection. Sometimes a fire spreads too quickly to use an extinguisher or a fire blanket. When your best option is to run, then wrap yourself or your child in the blanket as you escape and it will help protect you from the flames. Stop, drop and roll if your clothes are on fire but if you have a fire blanket, wrap yourself in it first. A fire blanket is an inexpensive and readily available lifesaving tool.

We stock fire blankets in Newcastle along with the most reliable brands of all firefighting and fire prevention products. We design and install whole house alarms and whole building alarm systems, supply safety equipment and conduct classes in the emergency use of equipment. Our company was established over 100 years ago and today we are blessed with so many fire safety products. But sometimes all you need to save lives and property is an inexpensive, washable and reusable fire blanket. Contact us or pay us a visit. Bring us your fire extinguishers for checking or refilling. While you’re here pick up a couple of fire blankets. Make sure everybody knows where they are and keep them easily accessible.