Essential Fire Safety Courses in Birmingham for Your Employees

Fire Safety Courses in Birmingham Consider fire safety courses in Birmingham if your office staff is leasing space in a new building or even in your existing space. Look around; do you see fire safety equipment on every floor and fire doors dividing up the floors with large spaces. There is probably an alarm system but if not, demand one from your landlord. Make sure smoke and fire detectors are spaced throughout according safety codes. Is there security lighting? Does anyone in your building or on your staff know how to work any of the fire safety equipment or check to insure it’s operational?  If not, then you have a lot of useless equipment and your building and occupants are at risk. In the event of a fire emergency, someone needs to oversee the evacuation of the building and others need to utilise the fire fighting equipment to contain the fire until the fire department arrives.

We sell fire protection and fire safety equipment, install alarm systems, conduct risk assessments and maintain your equipment. Throughout the UK, including in Birmingham, fire safety courses are offered by our representatives. We also demonstrate the proper use of the fire equipment. Our standards are high; BSI registered ISO9001 accredited and BAFE registered. However, our long tradition of offering superior products and services since 1907 tells the story of our company and our dependability. Because of our long service we are recognised as an authority in loss prevention, fire safety and fire protection.

Fire safety courses in Birmingham  makes your investment in fire safety and protection worth having. If there is a fire emergency in your building but no plan for evacuation and no one to use the equipment, it’s a waste of money.  But more importantly it could result in the loss of life. That’s not how we want things to work out for anyone. Contact H Roberts & Son or stop in our place of business. Let us tell you how our training programmes are set up and carried out; what safety factors will be covered and we’ll offer you a price quote. We want you to know the kind of training that is available and hope you will take the opportunity to utilise our services.