Professional Fire Risk Assessment in Runcorn for Your Safety

Fire Risk assessment in Runcorn Fire risk assessment in Runcorn is a possibility today, thanks to H. Roberts & Son. We provide the best services including  risk assessments, installations of fire blankets, alarms and we also have the best training services in Northwest England. Being a  BAFE Registered firm, we employ service engineers who form teams to extend their  services based on experience and knowledge. We are also a BSI Registered ISO9001 company in addition to being the sole suppliers of BS EN 3 approved fire protection appliances  and fire extinguishers.

For all businesses in Runcorn, fire risk and assessments enable you to keep yourself and your premises safe from fire hazards. Established since 1907, H. Roberts & Son, have carved a niche in providing many fire protection services in order to help their clients and also ensure a safe environment in general. Some of the valuable services we offer are fire protection, testing, recharging and refurbishing services for gas inflation cylinders which are stocked in strategic areas and  used when required to inflate life rafts and emergency evacuation chutes in marine and aviation sectors of industry.

Fire risk assessments in Runcorn can be easily and effortlessly ascertained by our experts. These assessments are critical to safety of both public and private buildings. For more details on how we can assist, contact us today. An initial assessment of fire risk is ascertained and possible damages that may arise as a result are calculated. This information is documented and then safety recommendations are prescribed. Simple fire-safety methods include smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, periodic checks to ensure batteries are charged or to see that equipment is maintained. Safety exits and routes are chalked out and ladders are supplied where necessary. Fire drills are conducted to familiarise people in case of an accident. In larger areas which house more people we would strongly recommend more tools like hoses, fire blankets, sprinkler systems and special training to some staff members. Again, these  drills are very important not only to make personnel understand what action to take during fires but also to tick off a checklist indicating that all the required equipment and training are in place and working well.