Dry Riser Maintenance in Liverpool, Essential Fire Fighting Equipment Upkeep

Dry Riser Maintenance in LiverpoolDry riser maintenance in Liverpool is one of our many services at H. Roberts & Son. We sell and install fire fighting and protection equipment and alarm systems for domestic and commercial customers. We also contract with our customers to conduct regular maintenance and testing of the equipment. A dry riser is generally installed when a building is built. It’s purpose is to increase water pressure on all floors when existing water pressure within the building is not sufficient to reach upper floors. It’s basically a pipe that the firemen can connect their pressurised hoses to from the outside of the building. It’s location is usually on the ground floor in a fire resistant location.

Both the location and the purpose of a dry riser are easy to ignore as uneventful years roll by. However, in Liverpool, dry riser maintenance left ignored is a tragedy waiting to happen. By law, all fire fighting equipment must be inspected at regular intervals. H. Roberts & Son has been established for over 100 years. From our base in Liverpool, we are able to efficiently serve all of the UK. We are BAFE registered to provide installation and maintenance for all fire fighting systems. The fire equipment we sell is the better-known and respected brands that have a proven reputation for safety and durability. We can also prepare a fire risk assessment of your building to determine if the equipment you have in place is adequate.

Dry riser maintenance in Liverpool is essential. The dry riser pipe and controls are not always located out of reach of vandals or outside debris. During the course of a fire is not the time to discover the dry riser controls have been tampered with or the pipe access is blocked. That’s why we recommend scheduling your maintenance and any necessary repairs with our experienced experts. We are conscientious about every detail of fire equipment inspection. The whole system has to always be in full working order for optimum safety. Contact H. Roberts & Son to carry out your dry riser and full fire protection system maintenance. We are fully trained and equipped to make any necessary repairs or to replace parts.