Vitally Important Fire Safety in Skelmersdale, a Top Priority

fire safety in SkelmersdaleFire safety in Skelmersdale should be a top priority for all of us whether in our home or workplace. Once in a while, when there’s news of a particularly devastating fire, we stop and think about our own preparedness. We wonder whether our own fire extinguishers are functional and when the batteries in our smoke detectors were last changed. We may not know what precautions are in place at our workplace. We just hope somebody has that covered. Then, other news replaces that of the fire, we get busy with our life and fire safety is once again forgotten about. Yet, the precautions are easy steps to take and require only a bit of time. We want to help you develop a manageable fire safety plan to keep you safe at home and at work.

You know, your schoolchildren are likely very well trained in what to do in the event of fire at school. In Skelmersdale, fire safety learned in school should be carried out at home as well. Make it a family event and mark the date on your calendar when you will attend to the fire safety precautions for your home. That’s the day when fire extinguishers will be checked and instructions for use will be reviewed. On that day, fresh batteries will be put in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The escape plan, the importance of getting out and leaving things behind, and a safe meeting place should be reviewed and even practiced. We can provide you with a safety checklist to eliminate fire hazards in your home.

Fire safety in Skelmersdale at your workplace is probably in place but it’s possible not everyone knows the drill. We can conduct educational sessions for employees so in the event of a fire, everyone is on the same page and know what role they should play. Firefighting equipment may need to be installed or others may need to be trained on equipment already installed. Some employees may not even know where the equipment is located or be familiar with the evacuation plan. Contact us with questions, for advice, a safety survey or the installation of fire safety equipment. We design, install and maintain fire safety systems for both domestic and commercial buildings. We’ve been doing that for one hundred years.