Dry Riser Maintenance in St Helens

Dry Riser Maintenance in St HelensTimely dry riser maintenance in St Helens is highly recommended. Having a fully operational fire protection system is essential for all public and commercial buildings. Fortunately, that fire protection system is rarely and sometimes never used. For the sake of each life, the system must be maintained in readiness at all times. When pressurised water is connected to the riser, firefighters can get water to all building levels. A dry riser is an empty pipe but it has inlet and outlet connections, usually protected behind glass until needed. These are often targets of vandals and even theft of the fittings. Valves left open, damaged pipe sections and blockages will prevent the system from forcing the water up to higher levels.

British Standards dictates a full annual pressure test to ensure all parts of the dry riser system is fully functional. In St Helens, dry riser maintenance includes a visual inspection of the system every six months.  Checks are made that all fittings are in place and operational and there are no blockages. A certificate of compliance must be posted. We sell fire safety equipment, install fire alarm systems, maintain both, conduct inspections for fire safety in homes and buildings and teach the proper use of equipment. We will also check and refill your home, car, boat and caravan fire extinguishers. Our company is one of the oldest established fire safety equipment business in the UK. We only sell proven brands of fire safety equipment.

We undertake dry riser maintenance in St Helens according to British Standards. Most dry riser systems are installed during building construction. Therefore, while the systems are fairly standard, the age varies significantly. Replacement of working parts is naturally important as well as a thorough inspection on every level for every inlet and outlet. We are certified to undertake these inspections so your building will be in full compliance. Contact H Roberts and Son for dry riser maintenance in your building. Our fees are quite reasonable but our inspections are comprehensive. You’ll get your certificate of compliance. More importantly, you have the assurance that if there is a fire, all systems for fighting that fire are operational.