Emergency Lighting in Cheshire

Emergency Lighting in CheshireOur emergency lighting in Cheshire is part of our long-established fire protection systems. The lighting includes more than the important exit signs and depending on the size and type can come on immediately a fire alarm is triggered. These strategically placed units are usually found in individual rooms, hallways and stairwells. They may also be placed on the exterior of the building access doors and near wall mounted fire protection equipment such as fire hoses and fire blankets. Emergency lighting in the event of a fire is critical, even during the daylight hours. Fires can produce thick smoke that makes the building very dark inside and emergency lighting can save lives. All anyone needs to do is to follow the lights and this will take them out of the building to safety.

Many deaths by fires are caused by people not knowing how to get out of a burning building. In Cheshire, emergency lighting makes sure that the way out is brightly lit. Smoke can be very disorientating and can lead to confusion especially in the middle of the night. We feel that as well as installing these units in commercial buildings, domestic homes should also have them installed at strategic points. Exterior emergency lighting ensures that family members find each other quickly. If one member is missing it is rapidly known and the fire services know to look for that family member. In an office or factory, the emergency lighting needs to be placed where everyone can easily see it.

We supply emergency lighting in Cheshire along with all the other fire fighting equipment required. Contact H. Roberts & Son today to see how we can help you. We have been established since 1907 and are one of the longest established fire protection companies in the UK. The business has been in the ownership of the current family for three generations, since 1937. Our main business is fire protection but we also offer testing and recharging and refurbishment for gas inflation cylinders (mainly carbon dioxide and nitrogen) which are used for inflating life rafts and emergency escape chutes for the marine and aviation industries.