Fire Risk Assessment in Leyland

Fire Risk Assessment in LeylandGet your fire risk assessment in Leyland from H. Roberts & Son. Fire risk assessments are critical for building safety for public buildings and workplaces but we recommend them for private homes as well. What we do is systematically go through your home, public or commercial building and note the factors considered a fire hazard. From that, we can determine the likelihood that one of those risk factors will actually cause a fire. We can even calculate the approximate severity and damage that would result from a fire. With that information documented and in hand, we can then go about making recommendations to create a safer environment and recommend the fire-fighting tools to limit any damage from fire.

For most domestic homes, we recommend the simple installation of smoke detectors and changing their batteries once a year. In Leyland, fire risk assessment might indicate a need for fire extinguishers in the kitchen, garage and basement. We would also want to check your home for escape routes and place safety ladders where needed. Then we would strongly encourage you and your family to practice exiting the building according to plan in the event of a fire. For commercial and government buildings our assessment will be more extensive and the tools we would encourage might include fire hoses and fire blankets, sprinkler systems and training of staff members in the use of those tools. Again, we would encourage fire drills so everyone in the building knows and follows the plan if a fire breaks out.

Fire risk assessment in Leyland and the design of fire safety systems along with training and product supply has been our commitment for over 100 years. We are BAFE registered and centrally located in Liverpool to service all of the UK. We also maintain the fire safety systems that we install and check and refill fire extinguishers. Contact H. Roberts & Son for a domestic fire risk assessment or for commercial buildings. All commercial buildings are obligated to comply with the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order 2005 for a fire risk assessment in England and Wales. We are qualified and certified at H. Roberts & Son to carry out the assessment for your building.