Fire Safety in Lancashire

Fire Safety in Lancashire For fire safety in Lancashire, H.Roberts & Sons is a renowned name in the field today, extending our expertise since 1907. Our clients some of whom have been with us for over twenty years would vouch for the quality and reliability of services and fire protection products. We have over the years been awarded and accredited by local authorities and certified for quality and exemplary services in Fire Safety and Protection. Our staff is professionally trained in the safe and judicious use of fire extinguishers and emergency services based on the nature of the hazard.

For property owners in Lancashire, fire safety is largely dependent on the quality of fire protection services that are available.  We at H. Roberts & Sons use only BS EN3 approved fire extinguishers in our fire safety programme. Our BAFE registered firemen and service engineers are qualified to deal with and train personnel in the highest standards of fire safety and protection methods and procedures. As the best firefighting company in the country, we teach the latest skills and appropriate use of different models of fire extinguishers and other safety/protection products. Handling fires is an important life-skill that every human being should be trained in, as emergencies can cost lives for lack of knowledge or training.

For the best results in fire safety in Lancashire, whether in home or office, a few important installations need to be in place. Contingency plans and training of personnel at the spot are a must. For advice and training on fore safety, contact us today. Our professionally qualified team of experts will first carry out a risk assessment at your premises to determine what kind of plan needs to be in place by way of safety and protection measures to avert disasters. Our range of services is the best you can find and include Dry Riser, Fire Alarm, Lighting and Portable  Fire Extinguisher Maintenance. For protection against fire accidents, we would recommend the highest quality fire extinguishers, fire blankets and detectors. alarms and hose reels, fire safety signs and emergency lighting systems. These would provide a comprehensive approach to tackle fire accidents should they occur.