Dry Riser Maintenance in Manchester

Dry Riser Maintenance in ManchesterFor dry riser maintenance in Manchester, depend on H. Roberts and Son, our long-established fire protection company based in Liverpool and family owned since 1937. We design and supply firefighting and fire protection systems and provide maintenance of all equipment. Our company will conduct a fire safety survey of your business site or home and make recommendations for keeping the premises and the people safe with the appropriate equipment. We also conduct training in the use of fire safety equipment. In the event of a fire, you want designated people on hand to immediately know what to do and how to operate lifesaving equipment such as fire extinguishers, emergency water hoses, fire blankets and more.

Most public buildings have a dry riser system for the use of fire departments in the event a fire breaks out. For these buildings in Manchester, dry riser maintenance on a regular schedule is essential to safety. Fortunately, most fire protection equipment remains unused forever. However, unused equipment may become faulty over time. The dry riser which is an empty pipe that runs up inside the building is used by firefighters as a pressurised water system. It helps maintain the water pressure to water connecting valves on upper floors. The dry riser system is installed during building construction and needs to be maintained so firefighters can effectively do their job on the buildings upper floors. Imagine the loss and personal risk to firefighters when they open the hoses find there’s not enough pressure to extinguish the fires.

When we undertake dry riser maintenance in Manchester, our team checks and tests all pipes, inlet and outlet boxes and cabinets for faults. We do that on every floor. When we complete the maintenance we guarantee that every component of the dry riser system is in full working order in your building. Contact us to schedule fire equipment maintenance throughout your building. We will pressure test your riser system to make sure there are no leaks or faults to interfere with an emergency and could save lives and property. We have years of experience with fire equipment of all types including the installation and maintenance of all safety systems. We’ll make sure your building is ready to handle a fire emergency.