Fire Hose in Ipswich

Fire Hose in IpswichAn installed fire hose in Ipswich is a special hose that can be semi-rigid or soft and flexible. The type of hose depends on the place where the hose is stored.  If it is in a corridor, it is usually fixed to a reel.  This keeps it out of the way until it is needed.  It can be activated by a manual valve or it could be an automatic system which will activate when the hose is pulled from the reel.  They are normally used to cover a larger area in a building where there may be a higher risk of fire. We recommend that the hose is tested annually and pressure tested every five years.

One of the most important pieces of emergency fire equipment in Ipswich, a fire hose is often overlooked when it comes to fire fighting. The hose can provide a water jet of approximately 10 meters from the nozzle.   We offer training to the employees who may have to use this equipment as it is quite specialised.  Although many companies would rather have fire extinguishers there is a definite place for fire hoses.  When we carry out a risk assessment there may be places where we feel a fire hose would be beneficial. They are generally not to be used on electrical or oil fires.

A fixed point fire hose in Ipswich is usually mounted on a wall inside a factory or warehouse.  Contact H Roberts & Son today to order your fire hose.  We supply most of our hoses on a reel.  The hose length is usually about 30 meters long.  They are connected to the main water supply of the building and may have a pump attached to ensure constant high pressure.  They are frequently used in outdoor areas where a fire may start in one of a number of places.  A block of flats will probably have fire hoses at convenient intervals in the hallways.  Schools and colleges generally have fire hoses in the passages which enable fires to be contained where possible.  The fire hose is always used in conjunction with fire extinguishers and should only be used by a person trained in fire fighting.