Fire Doors in Ipswich

Fire Doors in IpswichFire doors in Ipswich are an important aspect of fire safety. Some would argue that it’s your first line of defence in preventing smoke and fire from dispersing into other areas of the home or building. These special doors help to contain the fire so that occupants of the room or home can have longer to escape. It also gives fire safety personnel to respond. Any homeowner can opt for fire doors but they must be installed by a fire safety expert like H. Roberts & Son. The effectiveness of your fire door depends largely on the quality of the product and how it’s installed. For example, a fire door closer is part of the installation. It must be able to close automatically once open and should be capable of handling weights of different sizes. In addition, we only install fire doors from leading brands such as Briton and GEZE so you can be sure you’re investing in a quality product.

Now for homeowners in Ipswich, fire doors and other fire safety products can be obtained from us at H. Roberts & Son. We simply cannot underscore the importance of getting properly fitted fire doors. After installation, they must always be maintained. You need to ensure that all the essential components are there. Our fire doors will help slow down the spread of smoke and fire. This gives your family and or employees a precious few minutes to safely escape the premises.  Fire doors also help fire personnel because they’re capable of holding back the flames for a period of time. It also enables fire personnel to safely enter the premises and contain/ emit the fire. Your fire doors much have glazing, smoke seals, reflective strips and some prominent signage with accessories that enable you and your employees to open/close the door safely. If any of these accessories are missing, you’re putting everyone’s safety at risk.

Protect your family and employees with fire doors in Ipswich. Contact H. Roberts & Son for the supply and installation of fire doors. We also provide other fire safety products such as extinguishers, alarms, hose reels and safety signage.