Fire Extinguishing Service in Skelmersdale

Fire Extinguishing Service in SkelmersdaleFor a full-service fire extinguishing service in Skelmersdale, speak to H. Roberts & Son. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher in your home then you should know there are over 59,000 house fires in the UK each year. The result is not just loss of property; approximately 500 people die in house fires every year with many more suffering injury. Most originate in the kitchen cooking appliances. Each home should have at least one fire extinguisher and preferably two or three. If you only have one, the kitchen is the likeliest placement for it. In addition, one in the garage and one in the basement is a good idea. If you do a lot of outdoor cooking keep one near your patio.

If you think we’re just trying to sell fire extinguishers consider these statics from a 2002 UK study; of 2100 early stage fires reviewed, 80% were extinguished with a portable fire extinguisher and of those, 75% did not require fire department services. In Skelmersdale, our fire extinguishing service was established in 1907. The truth is, we do want to sell fire extinguishers and our other firefighting products because, without a doubt, they save lives and property. But we do more than sell fire extinguishers. We advise you of the right product for each class of fire likely to be a concern in your environment. Grease, electrical, soft goods, electronics and more are fires extinguished with specialised formulas. Some fires are put out and others are smothered.

When you buy from our fire extinguishing service in Skelmersdale, you may never have the need to use the equipment. That’s a good thing except that most people forget the fire extinguisher is there. So after years go by, suddenly it’s needed but it doesn’t work. Bring your fire extinguisher in so we can check it’s effectiveness or refill it if necessary. Contact us and let us help you choose the right fire extinguishers for your home. While you’re about it, ask about our other fire extinguishing products such as hoses, blankets, smoke detectors and fire alarms. We can also help supply your commercial property according to government standards.