Fire Safety Training in Llandudno

Fire Safety Training in LlandudnoProper fire safety training in Llandudno is as important as the correct firefighting equipment. Having the proper protocol to carry out during an emergency is crucial and will help you save your life and the lives of those around you. As fires are typically a rare occurrence, many people will not know what to do when a fire breaks out. This is what leads to the loss of many lives and property damage. While the loss of property is traumatic, the loss of life is devastating.  Undergoing fire safety training will help you and your employees understand the correct plan of action should a fire start. You can get proper training at H. Roberts & Son.

We are a Liverpool based company that has been in establishment since 1907. In Llandudno, fire safety training is available to clients in Wirral, Lancashire, as well as around the country. Our high standards of training and product provision have helped us become recognised as one of the premier independent and authoritative fire protection companies providing all aspects of fire safety, loss management and risk assessment. Our comprehensive training will leave you with the confidence to carry out the necessary steps should such an emergency occur. Our instructors are properly qualified so you can be assured the information you’ll receive is updated and trustworthy. Whether in a school, hospital or office setting, you and your staff will greatly benefit from a fire-training course. Individuals not associated with these institutions can also benefit from our training, especially first responders and first aiders.

Fire safety training in Llandudno is effective in furthering knowledge and ability of those involved. If you would like to register for our training, do not hesitate to contact us today. We have BSI registration and are ISO9001 accredited as well as BAFE registered. We operate on the same high standards of service and product provision every time. Learn how to operate fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire hoses and more with our training courses. We also supply and maintain a full range of BS EN 3 approved fire extinguishers, safety signs and fire protection equipment.