Dry Riser Testing in Cornwall

Dry Riser Testing in CornwallWe offer dry riser testing in Cornwall to companies who have them installed. We also offer maintenance of the dry riser system on a routine basis. A dry riser is the main vertical pipe that is intended to distribute water to multiple levels of a building. The pipe is empty of water and is a building regulation requirement in occupied buildings over 18 metres tall. These pipes are found in car parks or multilevel basements or hospital corridors where access could be limited. The fire service can distribute water to multiple levels of a building through these pipes.

It is imperative that water can get to a fire in a tall building. In Cornwall, dry riser testing is important for fire fighting operations. The system consists of a vertical system of pipes that extend up to the top floor. The pipes are connected to a large inlet valve which the fire service can attach their equipment to. The pipes are kept full of compressed air which is released in an emergency to allow water to flow through them. There are valves on each floor which allow firefighters easy access to water. Dry risers have to have adequate fire engine access within 18 metres of the inlet box. The system has to be within a fire resistant shaft, usually one of the fire escape staircase enclosures.

We will carry out your dry riser testing in Cornwall on a regular basis. Contact H. Robert & Son today and we will arrange a maintenance schedule for all your fire equipment. We provide many services for fire protection including hydraulic testing and cylinder refilling. We install fire alarms and offer testing, recharging and refurbishing of gas inflation cylinders which are used for life rafts and emergency chutes in the marine and aviation industries. Our business was established in 1907 and is one of the longest established fire protection companies in the UK. The company has been in the ownership of the current family for three generations, since 1937. We, therefore, have many years of experience in all types of fire protection and fire fighting equipment.