Emergency Lighting in Liverpool

Emergency Lighting in LiverpoolEmergency lighting in Liverpool is critical in all buildings; public, domestic, commercial and industrial. The greatest fear in the event of lights out due to fire or natural disaster is panic. Panic can result in injury and death from stampede behaviour and also the inability to evacuate effectively. Even where crowds are not an issue, such as small office areas and even private homes, people become disoriented and children can become separated from parents. So, there is no question about the need for reliable, fully operational emergency lights. They save lives and that’s why they are mandatory in most public buildings. When the lights go out, emergency lighting is a first line of defence.

The size of your facility determines the number of and the strategic placement of emergency lights. For all buildings in Liverpool, emergency lighting is mandatory to mark exits. But floodlights to light the way to those exits will aid against injury caused by debris and blocked access routes. At H Roberts & Son we’ve been supplying and installing fire safety equipment for over a century. We are BAFE registered and able to issue fire certifications for all the systems we install or maintain. So you can trust our design service, based on site surveys, to include the most effective distribution of emergency lighting throughout your facility. We’re backed by an unprecedented level of experience and knowledge.

Emergency lighting in Liverpool is only as good as its current operating condition. Among our many services which include product supply, design and installation by highly trained engineers, we offer 24-hour maintenance call out. Service contracts are available to meet your requirements so your emergency lighting system is always reliable. Contact H Roberts & Son to schedule a site survey. Our proposal for emergency lighting design, as well as fire safety equipment, will be included in our pricing along with installation and maintenance. The dependability of fire safety equipment is continually improving and upgrading. Our engineers undertake continuing education to stay at the forefront of new innovations. We can provide fire safety training for the occupants of your building as well.