Fire Risk Assessment in Wigan

Fire Risk Assessment in WiganA fire risk assessment in Wigan is required by law for all businesses and apartment buildings. A fire risk assessment is a process whereby the surveyors will check the building and assess its weaknesses, determine fire hazards, and provide recommendations on how to make it safer for the employees and inhabitants. If your business building contains five or more people, it’s mandatory to carry out a fire risk assessment to reduce fire hazards and keep the people safe in the event of a fire. There are multiple factors to consider, including emergency routes and exits, fire-fighting equipment, emergency fire evacuation, as well as staff training.

For businesses in Wigan, a fire risk assessment can be carried out by yourself, but if you are not 100% sure how to go about it, you can get in touch with our team at H. Roberts & Son Ltd. Our professional risk assessor is competent to carry out an assessment in different sectors, including schools, office buildings, open venues, healthcare premises, including transport facilities. If you are the designated “Responsible Person”, you are in charge of carrying out checks, making sure that the proper measures against fires are taken, and preventing injuries and deaths in the event of a fire. You are also in charge of making sure that the building has a valid fire risk assessment. Our assessor will check different electrical components, fire hazards, correct use of fire safety signs, find out about the last fire training sessions, smoke detectors and fire alarms, flammability of insulations, storage of flammable liquids and gases. It is our policy to provide our clients with products and services that conform to the requirements of our clients, making sure that their premises are safe and fully equipped to fight a fire.

Don’t hesitate to get a fire risk assessment in Wigan from H. Roberts & Son Ltd. We are BAFE and BFC approved. We are also an NQA registered company and we are often audited by the NQA assessors to ensure that we maintain a high standard of service. For more details about how we can assist you, contact H. Roberts & Son Ltd today. You can trust us with all your fire-related assessments, training, products and solutions.