Fire Doors in Lancashire

Fire Doors in LancashireAre you looking for advice and assistance in installing fire doors in Lancashire? H Robert & Son have more than a century’s experience in this sector. The company was established in 1907 and since 1937, it has been owned and operated by one family. With the third generation at the helm, we’re proud to be ranked as one of the oldest fire protection services firms in the UK. As a local enterprise, we provide personalized, affordable and top-grade fire safety solutions, training and products to our clients. Along with this, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest information, technology and products from markets across the world. This is what sets us apart from others in this field. Our diverse range of services includes hydraulic testing, fire alarm installation, fire protection systems, testing, refurbishing and recharging of gas cylinders that are used in inflatable life-rafts, emergency escape chutes for marine and aviation sectors and much more.

Through the course of doing business, we notice that many people presume that the mere installation of a fire door protects them from smoke and fire. In reality, as in other places, in Lancashire, fire doors that are badly maintained and poorly fitted offer little or no protection. Essential components may either be missing or they may be of substandard quality. Fire doors basically slow down the rapid spread of fires and create a dedicated escape route for people trapped inside a building. They are a great help for the fire-brigade because they can hold back the fire for a certain period until better facilities are deployed. They also provide a dedicated route for fire services personnel to enter the building and do their job.

Fire doors in Lancashire typically have reflective strips and smoke seals, glazing, prominent signage, and accessories that help to open and close the doors safely. If any of these components is missing or not working, it makes the door ineffective and compromises the safety of occupants. For more information regarding our fire doors, contact H Roberts & Son. As BAFE registered fire safety service providers, we ensure that the right kind of fire doors are fitted and maintained perfectly.