Fire Safety Courses in Llandudno

Fire Safety Courses in LlandudnoWith our fire safety courses in Llandudno we ensure awareness and action. It is very important that you have a responsible person as the designated fire warden or fire marshal and that your other staff can use the fire equipment on your premises. The actual duties will vary from company to company but the same training needs to be carried out.  This will include checking fire exits and routes out of the building and ensuring that all fire fighting equipment is in good working order. They need to organise the storage of flammable items like papers and waste so that they are not a fire hazard. If your employees are well trained in fire safety you can rely on them in other emergency situations.

You have a legal obligation to make sure your staff and the public are safe at all times. In Llandudno, fire safety courses help your employees to cope with unforeseen incidents. We have fully qualified professional instructors who are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best training service. Our courses offer demonstrations on the correct use and handling of the fire fighting equipment and warning systems we purvey. These include fire extinguishers and fire hoses as well as smoke detectors and fire alarms. We show our trainees how to behave during an emergency situation and help them feel confident that they will know how to react in a responsible manner in an emergency situation.

We are proud to offer fire safety courses in Llandudno. Contact H. Roberts & Son today to book your place on our course. Our company was established in 1907 and can boast of 110 years of continuous trading in the fire protection industry. Our family took over the business in 1939 and have traded for three generations since then. We are one of the longest established fire protection companies in the whole of the UK. We have all the necessary affiliations and certification proving our status as one of the best known and respected businesses in the industry. All our service engineers are fully qualified and hold the necessary certification to qualify them to successfully complete their assigned projects.