Fire Blankets in Cheshire

Fire Blankets in CheshireWe supply fire blankets in Cheshire as part of our wide range of fire protection equipment. This safety device is designed to extinguish fires when they start. It consists of a sheet of fire retardant material which is placed over the fire thereby preventing oxygen reaching the fire and smothering it. There are small fire blankets for use in the home and are essential for oil fires. These cannot be put out with water as this just allows the fire to spread so a fire blanket will stop a chip pan fire quickly and safely before it can spread. The same principal can be applied to most fires.

We supply fire alarms and detectors as well as firefighting equipment. In Cheshire, fire blankets along with fire extinguishers that can be useful in containing fires. The blankets are non-flammable and useful in temperatures up to around 900 degrees. They can be used by almost anyone without experience in fighting fires. There are larger blankets that are used for industrial and commercial situations. They are often made from wool and treated with flame retardant chemicals. They can be mounted in a vertical quick release container for ease of access. The fire blanket is also an invaluable tool that can be used if a person catches fire. It will quickly put out the fire when wrapped around the individual.

We ensure that our fire blankets in Cheshire conform to all the necessary health and safety regulations. Contact H.Roberts & Son today or arrange a visit from one of our team to help you to get your fire protection management up to date. We check and refurbish fire extinguishers as well as supply fire hoses and other firefighting equipment for both domestic and commercial properties. There are training course that we provide so that your staff are aware of what needs to be done in the event of a fire. We will teach the appointed fire officers to use the equipment that is on the premises. Our business was established 1907 and for over 100 years we have kept up to date with all the technological advances in fire safety and protection.