Fire Alarms in Wallasey

Fire Alarms in WallaseyFire alarms in Wallasey is still the first line of defence in fire safety. H. Roberts & Son have been in the business of supplying fire prevention and firefighting equipment of the highest calibre to all people for over 100 years. Our clients include small homeowners, estate owners, commercial enterprises, government facilities and schools, farms, heavy industry and more. We have a myriad of devices and products to keep people safe during a fire event. From the lone fire extinguisher to multi-faceted alarm and sprinkling systems operating throughout large facilities connected electronically, firefighting equipment is quite sophisticated.  With all the available technology, today’s version of the fire bell on the village green is still critical to saving lives.

Fire alarms alert us to the danger of a fire before anyone knows it’s there. For all of us in Wallasey, fire alarms will sense the fire and sound the alarm quickly. Keeping the alarm systems in peak condition so they are reliable is most important. Even if it’s just replacing batteries twice a year, do it so you have a reliable warning system that can save your life. Commercial, government and educational buildings are required to show proof of frequent inspections of their fire alarm system. Multi-family housing and private homes can often slip past those checks so it’s up to the residents to make sure the building owner is accountable for fire safety. Teach the kids that smoke detector batteries are never to be hijacked for their remote control.

Fire alarms in Wallasey save lives by alerting those within hearing of a fire, often long before anyone notices the threat. In your private home, make sure there is one in each bedroom and hallway. Contact H Roberts and Son and we’ll help you choose the right fire alarm or alarm system for your building. Consider utilising our other products and services which include fire safety equipment like fire blankets and fire extinguishers. We also undertake risk assessments, signage, emergency lighting and staff training to assure someone knows how to use the firefighting equipment. First, you need to know as quickly as possible that a fire is in progress in the building. That’s why we have fire alarms. It’s your cue to get out now.