Dry Riser Testing in Chester

Dry Riser Testing in ChesterWith our regular dry riser testing in Chester, you can ensure complete safety. At H Robert & Son, we have more than a century’s experience in providing fire safety solutions to a diverse range of clients. We’re proud of being one of the longest established fire protection companies in the UK. As a family owned and family run business, we have been in charge of this company for the last three generations. Apart from fire protection which is our main area of business, we offer top-quality services in testing, gas inflation cylinder recharging  and refurbishment,  fire alarm installation, fire risk assessment, blast cleaning services, fire hoses and hydrants, etc. We also offer fire training services for organisations and individuals. Being a local business, we maintain strong and enduring ties in the local communities.

We provide our clients with access to the best trends, products and information that’s available in international markets. In Chester, dry riser testing is essential to not just keep people safe, but also to stay in compliance with building and council regulations. Dry risers are systems that deliver water inside buildings so that in case of a fire, the fire-fighters can save time and effort. These dry risers provide a built-in provision for swift and convenient water distribution especially to upper floors. The dry risers are not filled with water permanently, but they are charged and pumped only when the fire happens. They have a central inlet access and landing valves on specific locations on each floor. These valves have to be located in areas that are easily and swiftly accessible. On the rooftop, a dry riser pipework air valve is provided to prevent air blocks when the water is fully charged.

Dry riser testing in Chester is conducted by our licensed, qualified technicians. They can help to identify and fix any potential problems during the testing process so that the system functions perfectly during an emergency. For assistance with dry riser testing, contact us today. Contact us for more information about our dry riser testing service. Regular testing has to be carried out in all aspects of the operations so that the system remains alert and ready at all times.