Emergency Lighting in Bolton

Emergency Lighting in BoltonInstall emergency lighting in Bolton in all of your properties. It’s quite easy to get lost in a building that is on fire and filled with thick smoke. And even if it’s just an alarm sounding, people are easily disoriented and will lose their way in the chaos. An emergency light that signals the way to a safe exit is the best chance anyone has when there’s a fire alarm sounding. To make sure that inhabitants, employees and anyone on the premises of a burning building are properly informed, make sure to have emergency lights installed when you are getting fire extinguishers and exits established.

At H. Roberts & Son, we are fully able to provide you with a comprehensive service and specification that comprises emergency lighting plans and site surveys. In Bolton, emergency lighting is certainly going to save the life of someone in danger. Besides providing useful products such as fire extinguishers, we also provide site surveys and maintenance, as well as training to all employees to teach them how to operate a fire extinguisher and how to calmly exit a building that is on fire. In addition to that, emergency lighting is guaranteed to light up even when there is a power failure, therefore, ensuring that everyone is able to get out with the assistance of illuminated exit signs. Please note that we can also carry out maintenance work on electrical systems relevant to British Standards to ensure that your emergency lighting will work without fault when required. It’s important to install emergency exits and carry out maintenance as per the service schedule.

Besides getting emergency lighting in Bolton, make sure to also get all relevant documents and certificates. As a BAFE registered company, we will issue the relevant fire certificates on the work that we carry out. You can reach out to our trained and qualified engineers and contact H. Roberts & Son for more details. If you are in the construction or real estate business, you can enlist our help from the moment you are building or refurbishing a property to be compliant with the latest rules and regulations, and also ensure that in the event of a fire breakout, the people inside know how to get out without panicking.