Fire Extinguisher Service in Llandudno

Fire Extinguisher Service in LlandudnoEvery year you will need a fire extinguisher service in Llandudno as the power or liquid inside the vessel can deteriorate and must be changed. There are a number of types of portable fire extinguishers for different types of fires.  You would hopefully never spray water on an oil fire or electric fire and therefore there are foams and CO2 and wet chemical and powder fire extinguishers. These come in different sizes for different situations.  There are regulations which we follow as to what size and type of extinguisher is needed in various situations.  We will happily visit your premises and advise you on the types of fire equipment needed as well as the signage and other items you need to have to conform to the regulations.

If you have fire fighting equipment in your factory in Llandudno, fire extinguisher service can be done on your premises. With 100 years in the business and the current ownership stretching back over 3 generations we know what we are doing. We are approved by the British Approvals for Fire Equipment and the British Fire Consortium who are recognised by the Fire Authorities and Insurance Companies and Councils. To enable your company to comply with the rules and regulations of fire safety in Cheshire, fire extinguishers must be placed in prominent places throughout your building. Your employees also need to know how to use the equipment. It is pointless having fire fighting equipment when no-one knows how it works.  We have training courses where we teach your staff the identification of equipment and how to use it.

Fire extinguisher services in Llandudno are available throughout the year from our offices. Our fully qualified engineers are expert at checking the cylinders and refilling them. Contact H. Roberts and Son today and arrange for one of our engineers to carry out the annual cylinder service. All our engineers hold the required certification needed to service and maintain portable fire extinguishers. We also supply fire signage and a large range of other fire equipment.