Fire Safety Courses in Manchester

Fire Safety Courses in ManchesterOne of our most important services at H. Roberts & Son is the fire safety courses in Manchester we offer. We have specialised fire safety training technicians that cover locations throughout the UK. We’ve been in the fire safety supply business for over 100 years selling all kinds of fire extinguishers, hoses, alarms, blankets and detectors. But no matter how many fire safety products you buy, it’s a waste of money if nobody in your organisation knows where they are, what they are and how they work. So the obvious thing for us to do is teach your staff how to save their own and the lives of others using our equipment. Your organisation will develop an emergency fire plan and everybody will know their job.

Our training courses are not difficult and anyone smart enough to work for you can master the use of fire safety equipment and rules. In Manchester, fire safety courses’ instructors are highly qualified professionals. We are BSI registered and accredited as well as BAFE registered in the UK. We can also teach you how to assess and manage your risk and institute loss prevention. We’re proud of our history in fire safety and the longevity our company has enjoyed since 1907.  But our real commitment to fire prevention and safety courses is the reason behind our reputation as a premier fire prevention company. We follow up with your company by inspecting and maintaining you fire safety equipment.

At our fire safety courses in Manchester we don’t just sell products; we’re involved in the safety of our clients at all levels. That involvement includes our domestic customers. We know you have a fire extinguisher mounted in the kitchen, the garage and maybe even your motorhome and boat. That’s good but does everyone in your family know how to use it? We encourage family drills or bring your extinguisher to us and we’ll show you how it works. Contact us today for more about our fire safety courses. Once a year bring your extinguishers to us to keep them updated, refilled and checked for effectiveness. Train your staff to be part of the safety solution for their company by taking a proactive approach to fire safety.