Dry Riser Maintenance in Wallasey

Dry Riser Maintenance in WallaseyKeep your premises safe at all times with the best dry riser maintenance in Wallasey. With more than a century’s experience in providing fire protection services, we have the expertise and know-how to handle all your fire safety needs. We believe that even if your commercial or residential building has the best of fire safety equipment, unless it is regularly inspected and well-maintained, it cannot function properly in an emergency. The dry riser is one such fire-fighting equipment that has to be maintained in top condition. It consists of a normally empty pipe that has to be externally connected to a water source in case of a fire. This vertical pipe services high rise buildings and helps to distribute water to different levels of such structures. These dry risers are essential in buildings and provide a built-in water distribution system, especially during winters when external pipes may be frozen.

For property owners in Wallasey, dry riser maintenance services help to ensure that any building that has more than 20 floors is adequately prepared to fight fire hazards. Our professionally qualified, trained and experienced team can provide this vital service. Dry risers are vulnerable to corrosion, weathering and vandalism. They must be pressure tested regularly to ensure that they function at optimum levels. The entire system consists of vertical mains normally fitted into staircase enclosures, with a number of outlet valves provided on each floor. These valves ensure speedy deliver of water whenever it’s needed. According to the latest Code of Practice for building safety, BS 9990, a full visual inspection has to be done every six months. This can identify rust, cracks, and dents. Every 12 months, a full pressure test must also be done.

Testing during the course of dry riser maintenance in Wallasey, includes opening the valves and flushing out the system completely. This helps to remove accumulated debris and dirt. For professional dry riser maintenance, contact H Roberts & Son. If any parts need replacements, this should be done immediately. The test should be completed according to recommendations and a record maintained of this process. Such tests should be conducted only by licensed and competent authorities, according to the codes.