Fire Risk Assessment in Leyland

Fire Risk Assessment in LeylandA fire risk assessment in Leyland is an integral part of fire safety for your business premises. A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement that requires the responsible person of any commercial or non-domestic property to ensure measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire are in place on the property, and to identify persons at risk. If your business has 5 or more people, you will need to keep a written record of your fire risk assessment if your business. The assessment includes identifying any fire hazards, identifying people at risk, evaluating, removing or reducing the risks. It also will require you to record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training.

For business owners in Leyland, a fire risk assessment requires time and experience. If you are unsure about how to complete it, or if you are unavailable, H. Roberts & Son offer a comprehensive and thorough fire risk assessment. We are a Liverpool based fire protection company, first established in 1907. When you contact us for a fire risk assessment of your business premises we will schedule a time that is convenient to you to perform a site survey. During this survey, we will determine whether your fire fighting equipment is current and sufficient for the size of your premises. We will also consider your emergency routes and exits. Your emergency fire evacuation plan will be assessed and suggestions provided if it is lacking in any way. If you have any vulnerable staff members, including elderly or disabled persons, your emergency escape routes should accommodate their needs.

A fire risk assessment in Leyland is best done by a knowledgeable and experienced team. We are a BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) approved and BFC (British Fire Consortium) approved Fire Extinguisher Service Company. Not only do we provide professional fire risk assessments, we also offer fire protection products such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hoses. We believe that knowledge can assist in saving lives, and we also offer fire safety training courses. When you need a professional fire risk assessment, contact H. Roberts & Son today. All our service engineers are fully trained and certified by the BASF.