Fire Blankets in Cornwall

Fire Blankets in CornwallSerious injuries and loss of life can be prevented by using fire blankets in Cornwall promptly and correctly. H. Roberts & Son supplies quality fire protection products in the UK. We are experts in safety and understand the dangers of fire outbreaks. When it comes to fires, prevention is better than cure. Many people have lost their property and loved ones to uncontrolled fires that started off as small flames. Unfortunately, this trend is on the rise and many causative factors are to blame. Most people do not know how to react to a fire emergency. We often panic and make irrational decisions. Sometimes fires start small and we fear to put it out. With fire blankets, you can prevent a possible tragedy.

If you understand how combustion works, then you will definitely see the need for fire blankets. In Cornwall, fire blankets are a must-have. These blankets cut off the oxygen supply to a flame and completely put it out. H. Robert & Son has top quality fire blankets that are sure to put out any flame. Some house fires start off in the kitchen when the gas burner goes up in flames. Such a situation requires quick reaction before the flames become uncontrollable. We provide fire blankets that can withstand the heat of over 900 Fahrenheit. By simply covering the flames and turning off the burner, the fire blankets smother the fire.

Fire blankets in Cornwall vary according to size and material. Fire blankets that are used for small fires are normally small and made out of fibreglass or Kevlar. Contact H. Robert & Son for more information about our quality fire blankets. For ease of storage, our small fire blankets are folded into a quick release contraption. To manage fires in industries and laboratories, larger flame blankets are used. They are often made out of wool treated with flame retardant fluid. Our fire blankets come with simple instructions on how to use them. Whether it’s the gas burner or someone’s clothes that have caught fire, use our fire blanket and prevent any further damage.