Emergency Lighting in Birmingham

Emergency Lighting in BirminghamEmergency lighting in Birmingham is part of the long-established H. Roberts & Son Fire Protection systems. The lighting includes more than the important EXIT signs designed to safely direct building occupants to safety. Depending on the building size and type, when a fire alarm is triggered by smoke or fire, strategically placed emergency lights will come on immediately in individual rooms, hallways and stairwells. They may also be placed on the exterior of the building near access doors and near wall mounted fire protection equipment such as fire hoses and fire blankets. Emergency lighting in the event of a fire is critical, even during daylight hours. In a smoky interior hallway, it will light the way to the nearest exit.

At H. Roberts & Son we design, install and maintain fire protection systems for private homes, commercial properties and industrial complexes. In Birmingham, emergency lighting is expected for commercial and industrial properties. We believe they should be built into the fire protection systems for private homes as well. If the fire alarm sounds, emergency lighting comes on to light the way to safety. Exterior emergency lighting will assure family members find each other quickly once outside. Smoke can fill up a home so fast cutting off visibility. Occupants, already frightened and confused, can become disoriented outside their own bedroom door. Seeing the light and knowing its location in the house will offer guidance as to their own location.

Our company supplies individuals and contractors with all fire safety equipment including emergency lighting in Birmingham. In addition, we conduct fire safety surveys of properties, offer safety training classes and provide as much help and advice as you need. As a BAFE Registered company, H Roberts & Son is certified to issue various fire certificates when we work on the system. Such certificates are often required by insurance and lending companies and by local municipalities when the public safety is involved. Contact H Roberts & Son for guidance, alarm system design, installation, maintenance and materials including emergency lights. We offer our customers a level of conscientiousness in keeping with the seriousness of our business.