Fire Extinguishers in Skelmersdale

Fire Extinguishers in SkelmersdaleFire extinguishers in Skelmersdale are the most familiar piece of fire fighting equipment. They are so familiar that we may no longer see it. Ask an office full of employees where the nearest fire extinguisher is and most of them will glance around the room hoping to spot it. It’s the same at home. The kids might not know right off where a fire extinguisher could be found in their home. Sadly, if they did find it they might not know how to quickly use it. Precious time could be lost figuring it out. If the extinguisher has been collecting dust for years, congratulations on being fire free for so long. You need to know if the extinguisher has not been maintained it might not work when you need it.

We are H. Roberts & Son offering fire protection equipment for over one-hundred years. In Skelmersdale, fire extinguishers for each class of fire, A, B and C is available in our shop. Class A for wood, paper, cloth and other flammable materials found in homes and offices. Use foam or powder extinguisher. Class B is cooking oils and fuel oil fires, paints, plastics and paint thinners often found in basements, garages and kitchens.This kind of fire needs a foam or powder extinguisher.  Class C is electrical fires and only a carbon dioxide extinguisher will do. It is essential that you use the correct product when extinguishing a fire. If you get it wrong you may cause more harm.

Your work staff in the office and your family at home needs to know the differences in fire extinguishers in Skelmersdale.  Since all extinguishers are red, mark them in large letters with the type of fire they’re meant for. The moment a fire breaks out is no time to start reading the small print on the fire extinguisher. Contact H. Roberts & Son for a fire assessment survey. It doesn’t take long and from the survey we will know what kind of fire extinguishers you should have at hand and the most practical size. We are  BAFE approved to perform maintenance service on your fire extinguisher at least once a year. Please, don’t neglect this simple safety precaution.