Fire Blankets in Manchester

Fire Blankets in ManchesterAt H Roberts & Sons we believe fire blankets in Manchester should be part of any fire protection plan in homes, commercial and industrial buildings. When easily accessible, like in a kitchen or area with flammable products, the fire blanket is a quick and easy way to extinguish a small fire. Fire blankets are made of fire resistant materials like fibreglass and wool. Fire needs oxygen and a fire blanket thrown over a fire or a person whose clothing has ignited, smothers the fire by cutting off oxygen. It’s an important firefighting tool because it may be easier for many to use than is a fire extinguisher. They are quick and simple to use from wall mounted holders. A quick pull on the hooks and the blanket is free and effective up 450 degrees.

When a person’s clothing catches fire, wrapping them in a fire blanket will extinguish the flames by smothering the fire. When fire breaks out and catches your clothing in Manchester, fire blankets are one firefighting tool a person can use to save themselves. Release the blanket and wrap yourself with it while rolling on the floor. For further safety, fire blankets should be left in place for fifteen minutes to ensure the flames are smothered. Fire blankets are large for maximum effectiveness and they can be purchased in well-marked dispensers from wall hanging to first aid kit envelopes. The most important thing is that it’s readily accessible, especially in kitchens but also as part your overall firefighting equipment in commercial settings.

Every safety plan for homes and business should include firefighting tools, including fire blankets, hoses, extinguishers and safety exits. If you do not yet have a plan in place, our staff at H. Roberts and Son can advise and recommend one for your home and design and install for your place of business. Contact H. Roberts and Son for the most experienced advice, proven quality products and training in the use of our firefighting products. We can help you meet the goal of fire protection equipment that is dependable, doesn’t expire, easy to use and effective. Ease of access is critical. Everyone should know exactly where fire blankets and other firefighting equipment is located.