Fire Extinguishers in Merseyside

Fire Extinguishers in MerseysideAt H. Roberts & Son we have supplied fire extinguishers in Merseyside to residents, businesses, government services and educational facilities for decades. Over time, new lifesaving equipment has become available for homes and public buildings giving all us more tools to fight a fire. None of them have displaced the standby fire extinguisher for quickly extinguishing the sudden breakout of a fire. Fire extinguishers are so common we almost don’t see them anymore. If a fire broke out, you might not know where the nearest fire extinguisher is even though you walk past it every day. How many of us have never read the instructions for operation?  Waiting until there’s a fire to read the instructions is not the way to be prepared for an emergency.

We supply all types and sizes of fire extinguishers at H. Roberts & Son. For households and workplaces in Merseyside, fire extinguishers will keep everyone safer if  fire prevention drills for families, tenants and employees. are practiced periodically. Once a year all fire extinguishers should be checked for effectiveness. You may have a fire extinguisher in the garage, basement, kitchen, your camper and your car. Do you know how many years they have been in place? Chances are, if a fire broke out in one of those places you would not get much help from the fire extinguisher. Bring them to us at H. Roberts & Sons so we can check them and make sure they will serve their purpose. If some are empty we can refill them but faulty extinguishers should be replaced.

We offer many other services at H. Roberts & Son besides fire extinguishers in Merseyside. We offer risk assessments, fire marshall training for equipment anyone can learn to use like fire alarms, hoses and blankets. Contact H. Roberts & Son so we can assist you in securing the right fire extinguishers for your needs. We are approved by BAFE and BFC as a fire extinguisher company. All of our engineers are fully trained and certified.  Our company has been in business since 1907 and our goals are still the same; excellent service at fair prices for all our customers.