Dry Riser Maintenance in Liverpool

Dry Riser Maintenance in LiverpoolDry riser maintenance in Liverpool is essential if you want to avoid the havoc of a fire. A dry riser is the most important vertical pipe which distributes water to different levels of a building. Unlike the wet riser, the dry riser is maintained empty of water. These dry risers are part of building regulations in buildings more than 18m tall but you’ll find them in basements, corridors or car parks as well. Fire fighters use them so that they can distribute water to higher levels in a high-rise building.  As the dry riser systems have quite a few very important components, it will need to be well maintained if it is to perform properly during a fire. We are a long established fire protection company based in Liverpool. Since 1907 we’ve been offering our testing and refurbishing services for many industries of which the marine and aviation industries are two.

We believe that we offer our customers services which are fairly and reasonably priced. In Liverpool, dry riser maintenance is so important for safety that it is critically important to get accredited experts in. We pride ourselves on being those experts and are a British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) approved service company. We also belong to other recognised fire authority companies in the UK and are also a NQA registered and audited Company. Every one of our engineers are excellently trained and they’ve got certificates to prove their competence. Customers can be assured that they’ve got the best fire technicians working on their equipment as we are also a SAFE contractor and CHAS Approved company.

With dry riser maintenance in Liverpool, we ensure that we adhere to all British Standard and current building regulations. We also provide a written survey regarding the protection appliances you have in your building so that time is never wasted searching for them. If you would like a quote, or more information on dry riser maintenance, contact H. Roberts & Son. When it comes to fire fighting and protection services, it’s to your benefit and safety to only deal with experts.