Fire Extinguishing Service in Bolton

Fire Extinguishing Service in BoltonYou will need the immediate assistance of a top-quality fire extinguishing service in Bolton in the event of an emergency. This helps to protect people and property. In large commercial enterprises, expensive equipment, confidential data, products and goods can be destroyed in a matter of hours if a large fire breaks out. At H Roberts & Son, we offer premium quality fire extinguisher services for private events and functions, temporary commercial operations, entertainment venues etc. We can also provide accessories like signage, stands for extinguishers, alarm bells etc. to ensure that in case there’s a mishap, people and property remain safe. We provide fire service accessories and products for outdoor and indoor shows and also equipment for inflating marine and aviation life rafts and escape chutes.

With more than eighty years’ experience in this sector, ours is a family-owned business. In Bolton fire extinguishing services may be offered by several people, but our company holds a unique place. It was first established in Liverpool in 1907 and has been owned by three generations of our family since 1937. This makes it one of the longest established fire protection companies in the UK. Apart from providing state of the art fire fighting equipment, we also offer training for those interested in taking up fire fighting as a full or part time career. If you’re hiring fire fighting equipment from us for a special occasion or event, we can also provide the services of trained and qualified fire fighting personnel.

Fire extinguishing services in Bolton are provided by us after a thorough risk assessment exercise is carried out. If you need more information about our products and fire extinguishing services, you can contact us or visit the nearest office that’s in your location. We cover the entire length and breadth of the country, including the areas around our Liverpool headquarters. This includes same day services in the Wirral, Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire areas. We have approvals recognised by the British fire authorities, insurance companies and councils and major industrial and commercial establishments in the UK.