Fire Risk Assessment in Wigan

Fire Risk Assessment in WiganConducting a regular fire risk assessment in Wigan is a legal responsibility and duty if you are a business owner. This needs to be done by a professional and reliable company who has experience and knowledge of the field. A standard assessment includes a number of elements, including identifying fire hazards and high risk areas, recording the information in a comprehensive report and ensuring that the building and occupants are sufficiently protected against fire risks. Protection should include several services, including removing fire hazards when possible, installing a range of fire protection devices, preparing an emergency plan and providing fire safety and emergency training to all employees or occupants of the building.

For comprehensive fire safety for your building in Wigan, fire risk assessment services are offered by H. Roberts & Son. We are professionals and established in the fire protection industry for over 100 years. We will visit your site and conduct a thorough fire risk assessment and survey of your building and area. We will show you any fire risks in a comprehensive and user-friendly report, outlining suggested improvements and solutions. We will also inspect and quality-check all your fire safety devices and systems, and install additional systems if you require. With installation we of course provide a demonstration and training on how to use the devices. Our fire safety training courses are detailed and reliable, ensuring your employees have clear, friendly and professional instruction that covers everything they need to understand about fire safety in their building. We will provide the most effective emergency and evacuation strategies tailored to your building and its occupants, and can conduct evacuation training and fire drills too.

When it comes to fire safety, prevention is the priority, and our fire risk assessment in Wigan is the key to effective fire prevention. Contact H. Roberts & Son today to arrange a fire risk assessment for your building. We provide tailored services for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings alike. Ask us about our current special offers. As well as our fire safety services, we supply and install superior quality fire safety equipment and systems from leading manufacturers that guarantee your safety in the event of a fire.